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A USC 547 Documentary Short
ADULTING | (2018) Trailer
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Do you remember the first time you felt like an adult?

ADULTING is a short documentary that follows the lives of three millennials and their unique journeys into adulthood in a society that questions their generation’s capacity to be responsible and mature. 

Daniel (29), a young seminarian, defies cultural norms and family expectations by answering a higher calling to Catholic priesthood.

Eleanor (28), is an urban gardening teacher who searches for a path to make a difference in the world, post-graduation from college.

Taylor (26), is an aspiring fashion designer who balances chasing his dreams and building his brand with the demands of raising his son.

Through the characters' searching, mistakes, and revelations, we remember the defining moments that made us into adults and find that adulthood is a continual journey rather than a destination. 


Directed By Dominique Sheth

Produced By: Eleanor T. Blake & Nich R. L. Perez

Cinematography by: Alyssa Renzi
Edited by: Hortense Lingjaerde & Ilana Rozin 
Sound Recorded and Designed By: Shaun Dikilato & Ernesto M. Sandoval
Original Music by Raashi Kulkarni


Interview on Hollywood Blvd.

“When I pay bills, I feel like an adult.”

When Was the First Time You Felt Like An Adult?

Daniel Seo, Seminarian

“The first time I felt like an adult? I still don't feel like I'm an adult.”

Dominique, Director of ADULTING

“Being trusted to use the stove for the first time .”
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